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Christopher Anthony GODDARD

Comments I have inserted in a book I am currently proofreading on the politically correct alternate use of 'she'/ 'her' / hers and 'he' 'his' 'him' or 'his/her':
'N 17 yellow – ‘their’ (and variants) for ‘he/she’ is ok and has a long pedigree of use (e.g. Geoffrey Chaucer, William Shakespeare, Jane Austen) – see also later comments on this point'...
'This style of writing is as unnecessary as it is inelegant, even grotesque, as Chaucer, Shakespeare & Austen would agree – see my comment on p. 170 It is not true that in EN we do not have the equivalent of, e.g., ‘man’ (DE) and ‘on’ (FR)…'...
'This asexual (i.e. non-sexist) form of the ‘singular plural’  works very nicely, as indeed it worked very nicely for Geoffrey Chaucer, William Shakespeare and Jane Austen, as noted earlier'

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