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I am not a writer but can see what you mean - being away from home makes one feel a bit more "raw" in a good way - "open" for all sorts of emotions.

Christopher Goddard

Perhaps this process works in reverse, as well. That is: sometimes 'foreigners' seem to see things that 'natives' do not, which may partly explain why so many immigrants (at least to the UK) manage to create successful new lives. But the children of those 'foreigners' would probably not have this facility. I wonder where Salman Rushdie would fit in here - am thinking in particular of "Midnight's Children"...

robert john goddard

Absolutely! And it that extends to joining any "foreign" community. For example the new employee in the new company with new boss etc. "Wait till you have been here a few years and you understand how things work before you judge us," says your manager! This ignores those first impressions which can so often be important for the company itself.

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